Our work


Inchainge develops the world’s leading simulations and learning programs in Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Finance.

We support Inchainge developing the simulations The Fresh Connection and The Cool Connection. These simulations are played by thousands of professionals and students across the world.

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Our work consists of development of the .NET backend, the front-end and the communication with the calculation model.



CowManager is an innovative system for livestock monitoring. Moulded chips that are connected to the electronic ear tags of cows send all sorts of data to a central system. Based on this data, farmers/managers get better and earlier information about the herd, which results to labour reduction and a healthier, more sustainable herd.


The huge increase of the number of users and accompanying amount of data is handled by scaling out the CowManager system to a micro-services architecture.

To manage such an architecture properly, it’s essential that the build- and deployment processes are fully automated to reduce deployment time and minimize the risk of human errors.

For CowManager, we successfully introduced the combination of JetBrains TeamCity and Octopus Deploy to automate the build and deployment process. The time for a complete deployment of the entire CowManager system consisting of a portal, several web services and application services has gone back to only a few minutes with negligible downtime.


Wageningen UR

Taiga supports Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) development teams with development of several .NET applications.
We also created a smart lightweight reference architecture that shows best practices and serves as a starting point for the development teams.


Vaassen Flexible Packaging

Vaassen Flexible Packaging produces packaging materials. To improve the production process, we developed an employee planning application. All production locations have large touch screens that instantly display the actual eployee planning.

From a quality point of view, this application is a large improvement. The employee certifications are also stored in the application so it's only possible to assign certified staff or tutors with learners to specific work places.

Vfp Planning 200

The user interface for planners is highly optimized with drag & drop functionality.


Some of our other customers

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