About us

In 2007, Taiga was founded by Erwin Berends and Martijn Boland as a software development business with a focus on technology and good practices. We are flexible, passionate, open-minded and honest.

Martijn Boland

Martijn has over 25 years experience as developer and architect of (web) applications. In this role he has a clear strong vision and he has developed a nose for new technology that isn't going away. Martijn is also active as an open source developer and writes about technology on his blog. Specialities include: .NET architecture, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, ASP.NET MVC and O/R mappers (NHibernate, Entity Framework).


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Erwin Berends

Erwin is an experienced and socially skilled .NET developer. Within projects he often plays a central role, translating business requirements when also coaching junior developers. Specialities include: .NET architecture, Continuous Delivery, application integration and coaching

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