Privacy statement

Taiga v.o.f., located at Rietveldstraat 13 7425 EK Deventer, is responsible for processing and protection of personal data as stated in this privacy statement.

Contact information
Rietveldstraat 13
7425 EK Deventer

Processing personal data
Taiga processes your personal data because you use our services and/or you have handed this information yourself.

We collect the following personal information:
- First name and last name
- Phone number
- E-mail address

Usage of personal data
Taiga uses your personal data for:
- Contacting you when required to be able to execute our services

Automated decision making
Taiga doesn't make automated decisions in processes that involve persons. These are decisions taken by computer software or systems without manual intervention.

Duration of personal data storage
Taiga doesn't store your personal data any longer than necessary to achieve the goals where the personal data is being used for. We use the following retention policies for stored data:

Personal information 1 year

Sharing of personal data with third parties
Taiga only shares your personal data with third parties when required to correctly execute our agreement with you or to comply with legislation.

Cookie policy
Taiga only uses technical and functional cookies and analytical cookies that don't violate your privacy. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smart phone on your first visit of this web site. The cookies we use are only necessary from a technical perspective and allow us to optimise the web site for our visitors. In your browser settings, you can turn off the use of cookies and delete existing cookies.

View, change or remove personal data
You have the right to view, change or remove your personal data. Also, you have the right to withdraw your permission of processing your personal data or to object against Taiga processing your personal data and you have the right to demand transferring your personal data to another party. 

Please send a request to to view, change, remove or transfer your personal data or to withdraw permission to process personal data. 

Protecting personal data
Taiga does all that is possible to prevent abuse of your personal data in any way. We use SSL on our web sites and don't store personal data on the web servers. Please contact us at when you have the impression that your personal data isn't protected properly or you have an indication that your personal data is being abused.